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Here there be beasties!

Today you’ll find a couple of beasties your party of adventurers might run into. Obviously ever encounter is different, but there might be a couple of sentences here or there you can use.


Leathery, patches of fur do a poor job of covering the haggard remains of sodden flesh. Dry, cracked sinews of what used to be muscle are stretched taut over jagged bones and a long, gurgled growl shudders through yellowed, rotten, canines. Beyond all of this however are the eyes – hollow black orbs which stare direct and unflinching; eyes that have seen death and now prophesise your own.

Optional extras (to be read before the above description):

(City, foggy night): Quick, light footsteps patter through the wispy haze; though soft, each is crisp and distinct in the silence of the cobblestone alleyways. They stop. The silhouette of a large dog stands proud through the fog, but as the wind lifts and the veil dissolves, you quickly realise that this is no ordinary stray.

(Forest, night): The feint calls of birds and growls from the underbrush were hardly noticeable, until they suddenly disappeared. The forest was thrown into a deathly silence before it, too, was desecrated. A long, hollow howl stabbed through the darkness, breathing an almost tangible chill on your flesh. Three, wolf-shaped creatures now stand just at the edge of your lamp-light.

Cyclops (cave mouth ambush)

A yell, unruly and savage, shatters any stillness in the world. Erupting from the cave mouth and barrelling toward you, a giant, one-eyed humanoid continues his murderous yell; his singular pupil pointed directly at you. He carries a shield, but leads with a massive, obviously well used, battleaxe.

Optional extras :

(Ridge surprise): On a plateau above the cave mouth, accessible by a narrow path, four more cyclops’ appear. These don’t wield the axes of their brethren, but instead hold ballista-bolt sized spears. They hold them aloft, waiting for the perfect moment to bring them down upon you like some angry thunder God.

(Leader revealed (storm shaman)): A sudden crack of thunder rings loud over the battlefield from within the cave. Stepping out of the darkness comes another cyclops, this one draped in ornate stones and jewels the size of your fist. It carries a staff which, at the cyclops’ behest, crackles with lightning, as does the creature’s one, frightful eye, which it now ruefully turns to you.

Gelatinous cube (if the DC25 perception check is made)

Before you sits a pulsing, throbbing cube, about three quarters the size of a human on any side. It slurps loudly as it’s translucent form shudders. The smell takes a moment to hit you, but when it does, it’s hard not to wretch at the sickening intake of such soiled, fetid air. You can’t see any eyes or ears, but even so, the filthy thing begins to move toward you, leaving a slimy trail in its wake.

Optional extras :

(Upon being engulfed): The first sensation is the burning. All of your exposed skin feels as if it’s suddenly engulfed in flame, and you can taste blood. Then comes another realisation; there is no possibility of breath inside this thick, porridge of death – something you will soon be a part of if you cannot escape.


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